Corrie Baldauf

Corrie Baldauf knows that humor is the best form of intelligence. She believes that admitting what you don’t know is the best way to learn more. She actively seeks opportunities to spend time with people who are not afraid to ask questions. Her art practice is based out of a shared studio space in Corktown, Detroit. She prefers though, to walk her art around the city of Detroit. She doesn’t think her art seems as alive sitting in her studio as it does when it is in the hands of other people. Her Optimism Filter Project is currently featured in Lille, France at Renaissance. Baldauf’s art has appeared in German Art Magazine, Fukt Magazine for Contemporary Drawing, Lufthansa Exclusive Magazine, and Hyperallergic. She is nearly-endlessly excited about making color copies. Seeing contemporary art reproduced and repeated in print and is one of her favorite things.

Baldauf is an Assistant Professor of Art at Eastern Michigan University. The main reason she is an instructor is because she thinks there needs to be more scheduled conversations and fewer lectures, amongst contemporaries in art.

Twitter: @corriebaldauf

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