Dave Laird

Dave Laird is a co-proprietor of The Great Concavity, a podcast dedicated to discussing the work of David Foster Wallace. He’s also a senior high humanities teacher and MA English student wrapping his thesis on Infinite Jest. He’s way into a cyberpunk card game called Android: Netrunner, board games in general, tennis (thanks to DFW), hockey, music, film, video games, beer, and Sweden. This will be his third pass through the chronicles of O.N.A.N. (this and other terms will become familiar to you soon).

Dave lives north of the Great Convexity, and as a Nuck, he may have cause to join Remy and his A.F.R. ilk in the coming future, depending on how Wallace’s vision of North American relations shakes out.

Twitter: @davelaird2, @ConcavityShow

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