Infinite Winter Schedule

Starting January 31, 2016 and ending on May 2, 2016, we will read 75 pages each week for 13 weeks. Totally doable, right? Of course, this doesn’t take into consideration the endnotes. Which are considerable.

Thank you to @CarrieTian, who made a Google Calendar version for us.

Also, if you like, you can download an Infinite Winter schedule bookmark, courtesy of @Prolixian!

Date Page

Location Percent Complete
Fri, Feb 5 63 1522 6%
Mon, Feb 8 94 2233 9%
Fri, Feb 12 137 3236 13%
Mon, Feb 15 168 3900 17%
Fri, Feb 19 210 4844 21%
Mon, Feb 22 242 5561 24%
Fri, Feb 26 284 6545 28%
Mon, Feb 29 316 7250 32%
Fri, Mar 4 358 8174 36%
Mon, Mar 7 390 8869 39%
Fri, Mar 11 432 9832 44%
Mon, Mar 14 464 10556 47%
Fri, Mar 18 506 11510 51%
Mon, Mar 21 537 12243 54%
Fri, Mar 25 580 13233 59%
Mon, Mar 28 611 13925 62%
Fri, Apr 1 653 14900 66%
Mon, Apr 4 685 15628 69%
Fri, Apr 8 727 16554 74%
Mon, Apr 11 759 17293 77%
Fri, Apr 15 801 18315 81%
Mon, Apr 18 833 19021 84%
Fri, Apr 22 875 19972 89%
Mon, Apr 25 907 20767 92%
Fri, Apr 29 949 21708 96%
Mon, May 2 981 22403 100%

47 thoughts on “Infinite Winter Schedule”

  1. I’m on page 165 … I love David’s writing, its emotion, humanness, details/observations, presence in the moment, and so much more. I am about half way through The Pale King, but will gladly continue IJ if it means being in this cyber community of kindred spirits. Peace and good reading. – Tim, writer, teacher

  2. I am really looking forward to this journey and hope to engage in a fun discussion of what sounds like an incredible read.

  3. Here I am on the day of the launch waiting to find out how the club is going to work. I have read 135 pages and have a few questions and not many answers. Looking around. Good Morning !

  4. I can’t wait to read IJ again. So excited. So how does this work? I’ve never done a computer group thing before (yes, I am a luddite). Do we just come here to read what others are thinking and then post our own thoughts? Is there anything else to it? What do we fill in the field labeled “Website?” When I read IJ the first time, it just drove me nuts that no one I knew had read it. I had all these deep thoughts and couldn’t talk to anyone… then I got idea to go on the computer and look stuff up. Do we have to sign up somewhere? Is there a leader for this? T minus three days and counting!

    1. Those things I wonder about too, but anyway: now I’ve digged the book out of the storeroom and look foreward to read. I just glanced through the first pages and by the style of the language it looks like Wallace liked Wittgenstein

      1. Wallace wrote a book review”The Empty Plenum” about a book Wittgenstein’s Mistress. This is a Quora article here talking about your question:

        And just now I was able to google The Empty Plenum and someone had posted it on Scribd (it asks to log in but I was able to still scroll through it without having an account).

        Wittgenstein’s Mistress is a great read if you get the chance. 🙂

        1. Thank you! I bet it is. I’m reading Reader’s Block now and enjoy it in a way I haven’t done since I watched the original film version of The Society of the Spectacle ( both Markson’s and Debord’s works are unadmitted melancholy about cultural oblivion). Looking forward to read the stuff you mentioned!

  5. I got mine on EBay for $15 including shipping from brand new. I am also going to write down all the words I have to look up in the dictionary. I don’t have a computer so will be going to the library to check the website a few times a week for information and updates. Excited!

    1. Welcome! Great plan. I’m curious to learn where you end up recording your new word finds! Mark Flanagan started writing the words inside the front cover. In my last read I decided to keep track of the words in an email. I’m getting really inspired by the variations in everyone’s Infinite Jest reading notes/collections.

  6. I’m in and recruiting my Book Club to join as well. The tome has occupied space on my bookshelf as a mystery for too long. Jonathan Franzen references the book so it MUST be a good and worthwhile time investment.

  7. I’m in and recruiting my Book Club to join as well. The tome has occupied space on my bookshelf as a mystery for too long. Jonathan Franzen references the book so it MUST be a good and worthwhile time investment.

  8. Definitely doing paper. I think the Kindle handles back-and-forth footnote navigation better than it used to, but given the length of some of the notes, by the time you finish reading it you have to swipe Kindle pages back, back, back to the beginning of the footnote, so you can tap the number and get back to the original page… Yeah, I’m a two bookmark guy with this one.

    1. The footnotes end now has a ‘Back To Text’ hyperlink. A great improvement from when I first read IJ on a Kindle.

  9. Also casting my lot for the dead-tree version. Done it both ways, and using an electronic version has advantages in terms of copying out large passages into Word documents, but it just doesn’t compare, reading-experience wise. Plus, how will everyone else at the coffee shop know how awesome you are if you’re not physically lugging around a cinder-block sized novel?

    1. That was a joke at the time the book was released — students walking all over the campus where DFW taught, lugging the book, but not reading it. All about the “image” without substance. How meta.

  10. Is there a group for Infinite Winter on Goodreads like there was back in 2009 ? It was a nice addition that time around. I might have missed it, so just thought I would ask.

    1. It’s the location in the text of a Kindle e-book. Older Kindles and some e-books don’t have regular page numbers so you have to refer to the location.

  11. I ordered my copy from Amazon and it arrived within days. I had never even heard of the book until I saw the article in the Denver Post promoting Infinite Winter and I’m excited to get started!

  12. Thanks for answering. I went to two area bookstores yesterday, Hastings and B & N, and neither had the book. Today I’ll visit COAS Books (used bookstore). But, then again, the Kindle version has its advantages. Maybe I’ll use my pendulum to help me decide.

    1. I ordered my copy from B& for a reasonable price and they have decent shipping, should arrive before the 31st if you want to go that route

  13. I don’t think so, Jeffrey, but the location is provided for those who do. Personally, I will be reading from both the actual paper book and a Kindle (which I have found to be very friendly w/r/t the endnotes).

    Thanks for jumping in!

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