You. Me. And Infinite Jest.

Infinite Jest Project: Phase 3 (p 1-200) photography by PD Rearick
Infinite Jest Project: Phase 3 (p 1-200)
photography by PD Rearick

Drano with the blue like glitter shit. blue string. turned light blue. Orangeline. green pastures. Mmyellow. orange peels.

That, there, is a delicious line-up of images. This stuff gets me right back to feeling so fine, even though I have no idea who all these characters are—and how they can possibly fit into what seems to be a series of story lines flying by me at an almost standstill Kate Gompert pace.

I’m cool. Well, I think I’m gonna be cool—gonna be cool if I just focus in on remembering if my memory of drano includes…blue glitter?

I’m fucked.

red. and gray. school colors. undulating systems of flesh-colored squares.

Love it.

flesh-colored squares. blacktop. discolored. yellow balls.


brown color. dull-colored. Original color. bit-lip red. red of a well-bit lip.

This is so good! But wait.

I don’t actually know what this book is even about. No, wait. Hold on. I remember something crazy:

Someone stole someone’s heart, literally. But no one understood.

I do know some of what happened.

Someone died. Someone didn’t. Someone didn’t die, yet. Someone wished they were dead. Someone felt alive.

Someone seemed all consumed with waiting.

Waiting. Wait, are you waiting as well? Waiting for what, waiting to understand?

Waiting to understand. Wait, about the book, Infinite Jest—or your real life?

Both. Both?! Me too!

Ok then, let’s keep reading.

Thanks for doing this with me. Really. Thx.

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